The Elections of Asia Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation
During the 12th congress of Asia Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation, the election of the confederation was held in Iran, Kish Island.
In presidential election Mohammad PARGAR from Iran reelected as president of APDSC. Pargar had 9 votes as David PETERS from Australia obtained 6 votes and Ahmed Bin HajiTAQAWI from Bahrain had 2 votes.
Also Ahmed Bin HajiTAQAWI from Bahrain was elected as Vice president of APDSC and board members were introduced as follow:
1- Elviral LIGAY (Uzbekistan) 2- Loh Eng MENG (Singapore) 3- Ong Shin RUENN (Malaysia) 4- Yao- Chien CHANG (Chinese Taipei) 5- Yutaka OSUGI (Japan)
One day before the elections, the representatives of 9 countries attended in Kish Island for the APDSC congress and 16 countries follow the congress online.
Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Thailand and Uzbekistan were 9 countries which their representatives attended in congress and the following countries joined the congress online via Zoom platform:
Australia, Chinese Taipei, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Palestine, Bahrain and Pakistan.